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About Us

1-day started as a pretty simple concept way back in 2007. The brainchild of online entrepreneur Luke Howard-Willis, the idea took flight on a plane trip back from Taiwan and was scribbled on the back of an Air New Zealand serviette. From Luke's humble stick-figure scrawling, www.1-day.co.nz was born, offering three products at midday every day, lasting for just 24 hours. Why pay up to five times more for the same product elsewhere? What started as just three deals a day, has now snowballed to up to 300 hot deals daily! From onesies to Ottomans, chocolate to chicken coops, Levis to L'Oreal, Disney to Dickies, Apple to Adidas and pretty much everything in between, you'll find it at 1-day, New Zealand's largest daily deal website. You've got to be in quick though! Product tends to get snapped up faster than a Moro bar at a Weight Watchers meeting!

Wanna be in the know? Visit the site each day at 12pm, or sign up to our daily emails here, which means you'll receive the daily email at 12pm and also a VIP email with an additional deals for subscribers only.

"I don't know how they do it" we hear you say. Well, we think it's pretty simple:

  • Direct Importing and Selling: We wipe out the middle man by importing quality goods straight from the manufacturer and supplier and selling them directly to you
  • Bulk Buying: We buy in massive volume to keep costs down. These savings are passed onto you.
  • Overheads: No flashy shops, big rents or car park meter charges for us or you - just a small team based in good old Hamiltron with several warehouses around the country for prompt deliveries.
  • Service: Worried that the service won't be as good because you're dealing with a computer? There are real people working here, absolutely passionate about customer care, fast freight, low prices and quality goods. Our Live Chat service is an excellent way to communicate your pre and post order queries.

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