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For: 24.99

Xiaomi VR

3D Glasses - Black

Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses - Black
Warranty: 12 Months
Condition: New
What's In The Box: Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Black, Anti-slip strips

Virtual reality is a great way to expand your boundaries. This modern device from Xiami is able to take you to completely new environment and help reality, wherever you are. Get amazing image perception experiences with any smartphone with a screen diagonal ranging from 4.7-5.7 inches. Put on the glasses, look around and immerse yourself in virtual reality.
Discover a whole new reality
Immerse yourself in an alternate, panoramic or 3D universe brought to life on Mi VR Play. Explore scenes in first person by panning from left to right, up and down. Designed for ultimate comfort and immersion, it is the portal to discovering a whole new reality.
A world without borders
Virtual reality (VR) is the best way to explore the world without limitations. Teleport to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro, the Amazon rainforest or to the snow-capped mountains of Yunnan. Panoramic videos surround you on all sides and from ground to sky for a truly borderless experience.
VR goggles up!
Cinema theatres are not the only way to supersize your viewing experience. With Mi VR Play, all you need is a compatible smartphone and optional headphones to invigorate the senses. Explore this next-level reality from the comfort of your living room couch.
Seamless entertainment from start to end
The 3D app interface is a more intuitive way to switch viewing content and change settings without having to interrupt the VR experience. VR should be a seamless end-to-end experience – one that doesn't require you to glance or tap on your phone once it's zipped in.
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