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For: 49.99

Weed Mat

100m Roll

Weed Mat 100m Roll
An indispensable component of the green fingered arsenal, these weed mats will help stamp out those parasitic pesky party-poopers that take away all that sweet sunlight, wicked water and nice nutrients from your precious plants.

This weed mat inhibits weed growth but still allows air and water to flow through to your plant’s roots. You can cover them with bark, pebbles or other landscaping materials to maintain your garden’s attractive finish. 

  • Premium grade 
  • Designed to inhibit weed growth, while still allowing water and air flow for healthy soil and plants
  • Strong and durable woven fabric for reliable performance
  • Material: woven poly
  • Product dimensions (LWH):  1 x 100 m
  • Package dimensions (LWH):  60x25x25cm
  • Weight: 9KG 
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AACAAN5WM