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Walkie Talkie

Two Way, 3km Range

Do your walkie as you talkie with these terrific two-way communicators from 1-day.
These top notch two-way radios are ideal for outdoor communications – when fishing, camping, hiking or hunting, providing a line of conversation for the interchange of info such as best location, emergency details, ETAs, even banter.
Small, light and compact and with a range of up to 3kms, they have 8 channels with 22 sub channels, (effectively 176 channels) a Press to Talk button for easy communication, and a 2.5mm mic/headphone jack for use with headsets. They even feature adjustable sensitivity, keypad lock and a timeout timer for effective battery life.
Awesome products, great value. Roger that. Over!

  • Great for outdoor communication – fishing, tramping, hunting
  • Can be used as an effective monitor for babies, ill family members and the elderly
  • Vox function for hands free conversation
  • Up to 3km range – depending on line of site
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Keypad lock – avoid accidentally changing your radio settings
  • Push to Talk timeout timer – save battery life
  • Handy belt/lanyard clip
  • Range up to 3km  
  • Channels: 8, with 22 sub channels per channel
  • 38 CTCSS tones – mute others for less cross-conversation contamination
  • Monitor and scan function
  • Back light
  • Roger Beep (On/Off function)                                                  
  • Replaceable belt clip – can also be attached to lanyard                                                  
  • Power: 3X AA size batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions (cm): 16.5L (inc antenna) x 6W x 3.5D (inc belt clip)
Contents Include:
  • 2 x Walkie Talkie 3km Range (a pair)
Please Note:
  • Limit two per order
  • Offers end 12PM, Friday, Oct 20, 2017
  • Product Code: AA4BALK01