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For: 34.99

Vehicle Barrier

For Pets

Vehicle Barrier For Pets
Prevent your best friend from climbing over the back seat and chewing on your gear stick with one of these infinitely useful barriers from 1-day.
Dogs don’t drive. Dogs don’t change radio stations. Dogs don’t hand you snacks or navigate. Dogs sit in the back and lie down. This is just how it is. This belter barrier keeps your beloved hairy mate safe and secure, both from commandeering the vehicle (despite their lack of licence) and from the consequences of accidents.
So click "Buy Now"...You’ve got to be barking mad to let this doggy deal pass you by, it’s sure to chih-wow-ya!
  • Specially designed a grill providing safety and protection for both drivers and pets.
  • Can be angled to fit the shape of a vehicles boot
  • Easy to assemble and adjust, no tools required
  • Height adjustable from 40cm to 54cm
  • Width adjustable from 53cm to 142cm

  • Material:  Metal
  • Product Dimensions (WH): 53-142 x 40-54 mm
  • Weight: 5.5kg 
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA1BGN6F2