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For: 259.99

UE Megaboom

Electric Blue

UE Megaboom Electric Blue
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 12 months (1-day)
What’s in the Box: UE Megaboom Electric Blue, USB Cord, and Charger

Take the tunes on the go with as the UE MEGABOOM was designed to live. To see the world. To get wet, muddy, covered in snow and beat up but to always be awesome. A great 360 degree wireless Bluetooth speaker with insane sound, and a powerful bass for every direction! The UE Boom app is awesome to it allows you to control the party from a distance and choose the beats you want to hear.

Colour: Electric Blue 
Stay in the moment
  • UE MEGABOOM is meant for crazy, wet, muddy, and downright spontaneous adventures. Probably not the kind of adventures your phone wasn't to tag along on. No worries. Now just choose the next song or playlist using your voice. So leave your phone behind, get out there, and Say It to Play It.
Now taking requests
  • The Siri and Google Now voice integration on UE MEGABOOM is as easy as keeping your phone in your pocket. Quickly press the Bluetooth button on your UE MEGABOOM and say what you want to hear--nothing comes between you and the music.
  • Your UE MEGABOOM can go wherever the party goes. On the beach, on top of a mountain, wherever. After the party, rinse it off with warm, soapy water
Push the limits
  • Keep going all night with up to 20 hours of non-stop music. Play music from up to 100 feet away on UE MEGABOOM
Bold design
  • It is bold, beautiful and unbelievably light. Crafted from the most premium materials, UE MEGABOOM is gorgeous but tough.
Vibrant hues
  • UE MEGABOOM is the life of any party. It rocks any beach or house party with its intense sound and vibrant colour. This is no wallflower.
Gets better with time
  • Unlock the latest features through the app and your UE MEGABOOM gets better and more fun over time. Use your app to download the latest features like the Alarm, Remote On/Off, Tap Controls and more.
Block party
  • Start a Block Party! Grab two friends and use any music service to share songs and play DJ all night long.
Tap to play
  • Control the party from afar. Tap the top of UE MEGABOOM once to play or pause a song and twice to skip songs. Welcome to the future.

  • Diameter 8.3cm. Height: 22.6 cm
  • Weight: 877 g
  • UE MEGABOOM can be immersed in liquid up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.
  • Mximum sound level: 90dba. frequency range: 65hz - 20khz. drivers: two 2” drivers and two 2” x 4” passive radiators. rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 20 hours of battery life between micro usb charges.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 20 hours of battery life between micro usb charges.
  • Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.
  • Serviceable battery (it can be replaced) charge time: 2.5 hours
Wireless Capabilities:
  • Pair up to 8 bluetooth® enabled source devices - connect up to two source devices at the same time. wirelessly play (stream) to 2 ue megabooms from one source. mobile range of Play is up to 30m (100 ft). nfc (passive) enabled - (works with active nfc enabled source devices * android jellybean and higher).
  • For audio playback: smartphones, tablets and other devices that support bluetooth® and bluetooth smart® wireless audio profile [advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp)] or 3.5 mm audio output. for phone calls: phones that support bluetooth® hands-free profile (hfp1.5)
App Configurable:
  • Downloaded on the App Store 

These are a factory refurbished product. A refurbished product is one which usually has been returned to the supplier and is then fixed by a technician and thoroughly tested. As a result, refurbished product will usually have a lower rate of return than new products since they are all individually checked and tested while new products are not always. So all-in-all, these perform like a brand new product (although you may find some minor cosmetic imperfections), and you get them at a fraction of the price! Please note: Product may not come in original packaging.
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAJDFKT00