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For: 9.99

Sticky Bricks

Pink 1m Roll - 2pk

Sticky Bricks Pink 1m Roll - 2pk
If you’ve ever wanted your building blocks world to resemble that scene from Inception, where the city begins twisting in on itself, a dilapidating dreamscape delivering the characters to the brink of a psychological apocalypse – well 1-day is proud to present fun new Sticky Brick Tape!
Transform any unruly terrain into a block friendly backdrop. Sticky Brick Tape is compatible with most brick toys, and sticks to most surfaces, allowing you to place your building blocks upside down, rightside up, around corners, walls and curved surfaces, anywhere and everywhere. Gravity is rendered obsolete in the Sticky Bricks dimension.
Flexible, bendable, cuttable and shapeable, Sticky Brick Tape is so good that words have been invented just to describe it. Introduce your kids to this fun new product, and watch their imaginations manifest. Or buy it for yourself. That’s cool too! There’s as much judging as there is gravity in the Sticky Bricks world – None!
  • Build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even up walls
  • Sticks to most surfaces (not recommended on delicate wall surfaces)
  • Compatible with Lego, Kreo and Mega Bloks brick toys
  • Repositionable adhesive backing
  • Sticks up to 100 times
  • Cuttable to any size
  • Washable
  • No residue, marks or scrapes
  • Nano suction adhesive technology – no tape, no glue, no magnets
  • 2x1 metre tape
  • 15.80mm wide
  • Colour: Pink
  • Ages 3+
  • Premium Grade Silicone Plastic
  • FDA Approved non-toxic Silicone
Branded Import products are sourced globally to bring you the real deal for a real steal. Manufactured to international specifications, all our Branded Import products are genuine, carry our trademark 1-day 12 month guarantee and are ready for you to enjoy at a fraction of the cost…. So click with confidence!
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA4ION7I8