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For: 9.99

Soil Tester

3 in 1

Soil Tester 3 in 1
The key to a healthy garden is healthy soil, and this 3-in-1 Soil Tester can help you along the right track! Just stick this device in your soil and choose your desired setting to easily get moisture, pH or light level readings.
No batteries are needed, and the scales are easy to read. A great way to make sure your plants are ideally situated for their specific needs!  Ideal for both outdoor and indoor plants.
  • 3 functions in one compact meter - measure the moisture and pH content of the soil and the light levels
  • Scientifically accurate
  • No batteries required
  • Easy-to-read scale indicator
  • Incredibly simple to use - just stick it in the soil!
  • Works with house and garden plants
  • Instructions included
  • Meter: 5 x 8 x 3.5cm
  • Probe length: 21cm
  • Bronze probe diameter: 4.8mm
  • Silver probe diameter: 5.1mm
  • Distance between probes: 1.2cm
  • Colour: Green
  • Net weight: 87g
  • Material: Plastic and metal
Package Content:
1 x 3 in 1 Moisture / PH / Light Meter Soil Garden Tester
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA2ACN416
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