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Security Light

20W w PIR Sensor

Security Light 20W w PIR Sensor
Shed some light on visitors and well wishers as they arrive in your kingdom with these awesome Outdoor 20W Dual LED Security Lights with PIR sensor.
These twilight highlights are cheap-as to run and can detect up to 12 metres away. Simple to install they’re the perfect way to welcome guests and ward off pests.
  • 180 degree sensor can detect motion from 4-12m away depending on the angle of lights
  • Duration of light once triggered can be adjusted to 30-60 seconds
  • Lights rotate and tilt
  • Weather resistant IP44
  • Mains powered
  • 1.8m cord
  • Package dimensions: 23 x 16 x 16.5 cm
Please note: We recommend an electrician installs these lights. 
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AACALN3CO