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Samsung Earbuds

Tuned By AKG - For S8/S8+

Samsung Earbuds Tuned By AKG - For S8/S8+
For a crisp, crystal clear injection of sound, AKG Tuned Samsung Earphones are the best around.
These Samsung Earphones have been tuned by AKG, a legacy studio brand with 70 years experience in audio. AKG provides an incredibly clear, balanced, authentic-sounding output that customers have come to expect.
Experience the pleasure of zero distortion, with 8mm and 11mm speaker units, that deliver balanced sound for bass, mids, and highs. Enjoy rich and balanced audio across the entire sonic spectrum.
These hybrid, canal-type earphones feature a sleek metal finish and tangle-free, fabric cable. Enjoy easy access to a range of your device’s features with the earphones in-line remote.  
For a fluid audio thrill, don’t miss this 1-day deal.
  • Style and performance
  • Sleek metal finish
  • Tangle-free, fabric cable
  • Balances bass, mid, high sounds
  • Crisp and rich audio spectrum
  • In-line remote convenience
  • Compatible with: Samsung S8/S8+
  • Fabric cable
  • 8/11mm speaker units
  • Model: EO-IG955
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AFEADKT27