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For: 99.99

Power Tower

Fitness Home Gym Station

Power Tower Fitness Home Gym Station
Get stuck in and burn that unnecessary fat, and sculpt that body of yours without leaving the comfort of your home!

This simple yet effective power tower not only helps to firm muscle but it also tightens abs at the same time! The up and down motion strengthens your upper and lower body muscles. It features everything needed for a great upper body workout that will train your back, arms, chest, shoulders and abs. It also features a multi-use chin up/pull up bar, push up handles and dip handles that flip up to prevent obstruction during chin ups.

  • Excellent workout options from pull ups to chin ups to knee raises, to push ups
  • Perfect addition to any home gym
  • Impressive functional muscle development and strengthening  
  • Whilst better securing the forearms against the pads
  • Adjustable Height up to 225cm
  • Strong steel construction
  • Easy to construct

  • Material: Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 100 x 66 x 160cm-225cm
  • Gross Weight: 25kg
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Power Tower Knee Raiser Training Station
  • 1 x Installation Guide
  • 1 x Accessories 

Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA7IAN4GI