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Dream House

Playhouse Dream House
It’s never too early to kick your kids out of home and into a Playhouse from PalPlay. With the real estate market as it is, you’ll rue the day you missed out on putting a roof over their head for this 1-day bargain.
But this isn’t any ordinary house. It’s the magical Lilliput Playhouse, full of marvel and wonder. Gift your children their own private kingdom, a land where their imaginations can run wild.
Fast-track them onto their own life path early – yes, even as young as two or three. Lilliput Playhouses will give them a head start in the professional market, with careers such as dragon slayer and stable master, prince and princess, black mage, court jester or the humble cobbler, all on offer.
Made from durable plastic, the PalPlay Playhouse is hardy and UV resistant. Its convenient size and weight means that if the weather is gloomy, you can simply carry it inside to continue the fun. Each side of the house features peepholes, and with a sunroof to let in natural light and an operational front door, the indoor/outdoor flow is smooth and accessible.
In twenty years time, your family will be reminiscing with those lovely, nostalgic conversations like, ‘Hey, (enter parent or guardian’s name here), remember that wonderful playhouse we had as kids…’
Look forward to that day today, by buying a PalPlay Playhouse from 1-day.

  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Stimulate your child’s imagination
  • Instils social skills
  • Peephole windows
  • Sunroof lets in natural sunlight
  • Magic keyhole to peep through
  • Front door opens and closes easily
  • Simple assembly

  • 95x90x110cm
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Durable and UV resistant
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA7SDN70B