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For: 29.99

Pet Feeder

Elevated Dual

Pet Feeder Elevated Dual
Is it awkward watching your tall dog bend over and eat from ground level? Looks uncomfortable right?
Check out this awesome adjustable pet feeder! It’ll raise your dog’s feeding bowls to a height. Not only does it make meal time much more comfortable, but is also good for your pet by aiding digestion! Complete with 2 bowls - this is a must have for any household with cats and dogs!
  • Sturdy and heavy duty design
  • Make feeding more comfortable for your dog
  • Complete with 2 bowls
  • User friendly and easy to adjust with twist knob
  • Ideal for dogs with arthritis or weak joints
  • Adjustable Height: 11cm - 50cm
  • Bowl Diameter: 24cm x 7cm 
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA3CCN9AG
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