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Weight Gainer - Choc

MyProtein Weight Gainer - Choc
MyProtein gear is one of the best spotters in the industry, ready to assist your search for physical supremacy.
Myprotein Impact Weight gainer is the perfect solution for any hardgainer looking to add additional size and strength. Attaining your goal physique is tricky if you struggle to put on weight, so a good weight gainer is critical for your success.
If you’re tired of bad tasting mass gainers with inferior macronutrient profiles, then you need to give Impact Weight Gainer a try!

Swole up and dial in with this cut deal from 1-day.
  • High in calories and protein to help fuel muscle growth
  • Rich in quality carbohydrates
  • Assists with gaining muscle mass and strength
  • Flavour: Chocolate Smooth
  • 5kg bag
  • 33g of protein per serving
  • 388 calories per serving to help you achieve your required calorific surplus
  • Oat flour carbohydrate blend

Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAVJCN722