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For: 4.99

Makeup Organiser

Multi Slot

Makeup Organiser Multi Slot
If an Archaeologist would struggle unearthing your mascara in that mountain of makeup on your dresser then it's probably time to invest in one of these beauties.

Finally make space on your dresser, vanity or floor with this stylish, multi-slot makeup organiser . Girls or boys, cut your getting ready time in half because there will be no more spending half your morning LOOKING for makeup and plenty of impressing your other half by being ready in record time!

Not really a makeup person? That's ok - this neat little organiser is also great for keeping stationery in order and other knick knacks contained!
  • Transparent design to easily see contents
  • Multi-slot makeup organiser
  • Space saving solution
  • Create some order in your room, desk, or bathroom
  • Dimensions: LWH - 28cm x 16cm x 7cm
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AACABN4BF
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