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Compatible Toner Cartridge

Kyocera Compatible Toner Cartridge
Don’t put up with grainy, pale print outs any longer. Replenish, refill without the horrendous bill, with 1-day.
Here at 1-day HQ, situated in the rolling, cow-filled hills of the Waikato, our busy buyers had completed their gruelling global search for primo products. Scouring and probing the world for the best deals, then hounding the suppliers, bartering as if possessed by Turkish carpet salesmen in the bazaars of Bodrum. They were ready to present their findings to Captain 1-day, when disaster struck. “The printer! It’s out of toner!” one cried. “By the beard of Lucifier! Captain 1-day will fry us with his frugal laser beams” retorted another, tears rolling down his cheeks as he quivered by the entrance to the boardroom.
The buyers huddled together, petrified and distraught. Their closeness and camaraderie gave them the strength for one last haggle. They frantically phoned and called all corners of the Earth, and, in the face of adversity, managed to deliver some of their finest work. Now, the time has come for you to reap the rewards of this remarkable story – both financially and as a lesson. Never let your cartridge drain completely of ink!
These epic cartridges pretty much do exactly what they say on the tin. And at this price why not grab one or two to keep as spare, just in case?  Because there’s nothing worse than running out of juice just as you’re printing off that critical report, urgent assignment, those fire evacuation instructions or invites to the office paaaaaaar-tay!
Put the pizzazz back into your prints without draining your bank balance, just click “Yes, Buy Now!”
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