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Proximity Tag for Android Phones

Kensington Proximity Tag for Android Phones
Condtion: New
Warranty: 12 Months

Safeguard Your Smartphone and Valuable Items

More than 70 million smartphones are reported lost or stolen each year. Think for a moment about the cost of replacing your lost smartphone, the downtime, and the threat to your personal information and you'll see the Proximity Tag is a must-have for any Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II user.

Proximity Tag is an App-enabled proximity monitoring system that lets you know where your smartphone and other valuables are at all times. With Proximity Tag, you'll never have to worry again about leaving your smartphone and valuables behind. That's because Proximity Tag helps you keep, track, and get back your smartphone and valuables.

The Proximity Tag allows you to use your smartphone to keep track of valuable items. Use it to track your keys, camera, briefcase, handbag—anything you never want to worry about losing again. And the robust and ultra-slim Tag design fits easily into your wallet for convenience and ease of use. Now there is no more stressing over losing important items or wasting time searching for them. Let the Kensington Proximity Tag help you track and recover your Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II and your most valued items.

Works with Android Phones
The Proximity Tag system is compatible with most Android phones, helping you keep track of your valuable investment. The Proximity Tag App is available in the Google Play store.

Proximity Tag App
Use the Proximity Tag App on your Android phone to stay up to date with the location and status of your valuables. Tap the “FIND ME” button and an alert tone will be generated on the Tag.

Built-In Alarm
A Proximity Alarm with customizable range and audio alert tells you when you've left your valuable behind
Please Note:
  • Limit two per order