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For: 29.99

Giant Swan


Giant Swan Inflatable-Gold
Your garden-variety swan isn't known for its charm - in fact, it can be downright prickly - but this giant inflatable pool swan has proven itself a different breed of bird altogether! With its classic good looks and buoyant personality, this giant, inflatable water toy is the perfect accessory to join your gaggle this season. 

Summer 2017 is gearing up to be the season of the swan. So don't swan around any longer and wet ya beak in a bargain at a deflated price! 

  • Built in handles on Swan's long neck - Gives passengers plenty of stability 
  • Perfect for lounging around on and soaking up the sun
  • Giantly large swan
  • Watch your friends flock to the pool 
  • Its recessed seating area allows for a combination of relaxation and recreation. 
  • Fun water activity for kids 
  • Colour: Gold 
  • Easy to blow up

  • Material: Durable PVC 

Measurements (Inflated):
  • 150cm (W) x 150cm (L) x 120 (H)
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA4FTN6GS