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For: 17.99

Fuji EnviroMax

AA Batteries 48pk

Fuji EnviroMax AA Batteries 48pk
For superior performance without the price tag you can’t go wrong with these EnviroMax batteries. They’re cell-sational.
Providing your devices with quality power, guaranteed to last, EnviroMax has all bases covered from low drain remotes to medium and high drain thirsty gadgets like toys, cameras and torches. These brilliant batteries will provide you with more of the things you love…. More tunes, more shots, more fun and more use from your favourite play-things. Expect more!
So, re-rev your radio and furnish your flashlight with some fortified fizz. At this low 1-day price you’d best be quick, before they’re all drained.
  • Long lasting and reliable power over a wide range of devices – retains up to 85% of its life after 7 years
  • General use
  • Super alkaline Power - 1.5V
  • Performance without the Price tag!
  • Pack of 48 batteries
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAMGBN600
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