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First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit 300pc
Don’t end up as another face on the 6pm news, perished in the outdoor elements. Stay safe on your adventures, and around the home, with this 300 Piece First Aid Kit.
This First Aid Kit contains 300 pieces, so you can rest assured that you will be well prepared for just about any First Aid emergency. Best of all, the entire contents of the pack fit into a compact canvas carry bag, so the kit can be conveniently stored in just about any place in your home, office or car so you can have it with you wherever you go.
Don’t become a statistic – stay safe with this 1-day kit.
  • Handy Carry bag
  • First Aid Guide included
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Perfect for Home, Car, Boat and many more applications

Set Contents:
  • 2 zinc oxide adhesive plasters (1.25cmx5m)    
  • 50 alcohol prep pads (3x6cm) 
  • 20 cleansing wipes (13x20cm) 
  • 2 sterile eye packs (8x6cm)    
  • 80 adhesive bandages (1.9x7.2cm)   
  • 30 adhesives bandages (1x4cm)    
  • 30 cotton tipped applicators (7.62cmL, 10pcs/pk)    
  • 10 gauze pads (5x5cm, sterile, 2pc/pk)    
  • 10 gauze pads (7.5x7.5cm, sterile, 2pc/pk)    
  • 6 gauze pads (10x10cm, sterile, 2pc/pk)    
  • 20 sterile absorbent cotton balls (10pc/pk)    
  • 10 gauze bandage rolls (5x2.5m)    
  • 2 stretch bandage rolls (15cmx4.5m, stretched)    
  • 2 stretch bandage rolls (7.5cmx4.5m, stretched)    
  • 2 stretch bandage rolls (5cmx4.5m, stretched)    
  • 2 triangular bandage 96x96x135cm    
Medical Supplies:    
  • 1 mouth-to-mouth breath mask (20x20cm, with one way valve)    
  • 1 emergency blanket (130x210cm, silver)    
  • 1 instant cold compress pack (90g)    
  • 4 PVC gloves (size: L, 2pc/pair)    
  • 1 scissors (14.5cm)   
  • 1 plastic tweezers (12.5cm)    
  • 12 safety pins    
  • 1 first aid guide
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AATACN700