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Elizabeth Arden

Red Door EDT 30ml

Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT 30ml
Elizabeth Arden opened the first Red Door salon on New York City’s Fifth Avenue in 1910, and since then her name has been synonymous with luxury and sophistication.
Arden founded her company on the belief that beauty should not be a mere veneer of makeup, but a marriage of science and nature that develops all facets of a woman’s finest natural assets.
That philosophy is present to this day, with the essence of nature, and a scientific complexity, found in every bottle of perfume.
Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray
30 ml
Made in the USA
Red Door is Elizabeth Arden’s signature scent. This iconic fragrance reflects all the complexities of a floral bouquet. Embody the class and glamour of the golden age of New York City, with this timeless classic.

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