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For: 29.99

Dog Saddle

Adjustable Bag - Med Red

Dog Saddle Adjustable Bag - Med Red
Backpacks are a great product for when you go out walking with your dog.
It contains space for food, water and other accessories. The belt can be adjust the size for the chest, plus the neck is completely adjustable. Your dog would love this bag at outdoor activities! There is a handle to help you lift dog up and over obstacles What’s more, this custom designed backpack is convenient and durable and is sure to leave your dog begging for more adventures!
Convenient pockets for carrying food, water, and gear for you and your pet wherever you go
Stylish, Lightweight and Washable, The mesh in the middle is breathable and cooling for supreme comfort
Neck circumference is adjustable
Material:  Oxford Cloth
Weight: 500g
Chest 70-81CM  Neck 51-60 CM , For dog 18-28kg
Chest 80-87 CM Neck 61-78CM , For dog 28-50kg
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAZEDN0L9