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For: 249.99


139cc Lawnmower

Craftmaster 139cc Lawnmower
No rural delivery including to The Chatham Islands.

People used to be forced to borrow their neighbor’s, their workmate’s, their brother-in-laws. They would save for months on end, scrimping and toiling, cutting back and sacrificing… but not anymore! This is not your average mower at a large 18 Inches it’s the mower you’ve been waiting for!
The Craftmaster has a 46cm (18") cutting deck, steel chassis, 139cc Zongshen engine, 2 blade cutting disc, fabric catcher and 7” ball bearing wheels for a superior job!
So if you’ve been fighting the lawn, and the lawn won, then check out this tip top tool!
NOTE: This mower does not come with oil in it, so oil will need to be added before using.
  • Model Number: KMP1822N2GNMU
  • Engine: 139cc Zongshen
  • CC Rating: 139cc
  • Drive Method: Easy Push
  • Chassis: Steel
  • Cut Width: 460mm/18"
  • Height Adjustment: 10 Position Single Lever
  • Cutting System: 2 blade cutting disc
  • Catcher: Fabric
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 800ml

Shipping is $40 to the North Island & $80 to the South Island 
Please Note:
  • Limit two per order