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Charlotte Greig

Conspiracy Charlotte Greig
There’s no such thing as too many books. In this digital age, books are a much needed break from screens and make the perfect gift!
Do you believe in conspiracies?  No one can deny there are many strange events that have never been explained.  Why did Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing drop out of the sky without trace?  How did the naked body of GCHQ codebreaker Gareth Willients end up in a padlocked holdall in a Pimlico flat?  Did Russian leader Vladmir Putin really order the assassination by polonium of double agent Alexander Litvinendo?

Conspiracy looks at a range of the most interesting theories, from the risibly far-fetched, such as the belief that the world is run by lizard people, to the only-too-true and tragic overthrow and murder of Chillean President Salvador Allende.
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