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For: 99.99

Chicken Coop

Wooden 175x66x100cm

Chicken Coop Wooden 175x66x100cm
No rural delivery including to The Chatham Islands.

Lay your eyes on this egg-ceptional deal! House your chickens in a home you can be proud of with this practical and spacious Chicken Coop.
Spacious, comfortable and easy to assemble the chicks will dig it!
  • Large side nesting box, with opening roof for easy access
  • Two large front doors for easy assess
  • Removable divider to make the nest box into 2 nest areas
  • 1cm galvanized wire mesh
  • Sliding access door
  • Internal ramp connects to living area and play ground
  • Apex Roof
  • Wooden Chicken Coup 175cm x 66cm x 100 cm
  • Wood is Chinese Fir

Shipping is $40 for the North Island, $80 for the South Island.
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA3EBN602
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