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For: 79.99

CAT Argon

Work Boot

CAT Argon Work Boot
Designed to protect you in all situations, CAT is the business. Extreme foot security from the brand you can rely on.
Your feet has 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. When you’re breaking the boundaries of industry, and facing up to whatever nature can throw at you, those things aren’t gonna look after themselves! You’re going to need something reliable. CAT footwear is unswerving and will still be battling beside you at the end of the day.
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  • Recommended for service industry use
  • Composite safety toe
  • Ergo midsole contouring to cradle and cup the foot in key support areas (Heel and Arch). Suitable for all foot types
  • Abrasive rubber at heel and toe cap for added durability
  • SRX slip resistant outsole provides traction in varied terrains
UPPER: Full Grain Leather
INTERIOR: Removeable EVA with Gel Technology
OUTSOLE: T901 Rubber – Oil, heat, water and abrasion resistant
  • Ergo comfort collar to reduce ankle irritation and enhance general comfort
  • Abrasive rubber positioned at toe cap and heel for added durability in high stress areas
  • Laces positioning close to the toe box are beneficial to the regular/neutral foot type to reduce in-shoe movement and frictional irritation
  • Thermoplastic Heel Counter (Inside boot) – Reduces left to right heel movement and helps guide the foot forward. Thermoplastic will not breakdown over time if exposed to sweat or moisture in the boot.

  • Removeable EVA footbed with gel technology to minimise compression and enhance cushioning and support in the heel and midfoot areas

  • Midsole is lightweight with flexibility and stability support
  • Ergo midsole sculpting in the arch supports feet which roll in, while the outerside sculpting supports feet which roll out. Both are designed to guide the foot through its’ natural movement
  • Shank Stabiliser provides stability and rigidity beneficial to feet with low to no arch

  • SRX uses a slip resistant rubber compound to deliver maximum traction
  • Heel clefts and heel impact zone act as a decelerator between the heel bones and ground. Beneficial for feet which roll out by absorbing shock caused by initial heel impact
  • Flex grooves provide traction and flexibility allowing the boot to flex at the base of midfoot or under the toes depending on foot type
  • Heat resisitant to 300°C

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  • Product Code: 0CGEDN500