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V5 Mens Longs - Black

Athlete V5 Mens Longs - Black
Unleash your inner Usain with the best Athletic gear out there.
Hard working athletes can seriously benefit from a high-quality compression long. The ability to enhance proprioception as well as keep the working muscles warmed in preparation for stop-start sporting activities promotes a lessened chance of game-ruining injuries.
Expertly designed targeted compression provides specific muscle panel alignment, unmatched strength, support and fit to target muscle groups.
Coldblack technology helps prevent the discomfort or overheating by reflecting the sun’s heat rays and providing minimum SPF 30 protection from UV rays. Advanced moisture wicking technology also helps prevent the irritation or discomfort associated with sweating.
These comfortable longs from BodyScience are ready to provide you with fantastic quality and benefits.
Bolt over to the ‘buy now’ button, and get equipped with this fit deal from 1-day.
  • Targeted compression
  • Coldblack technology for enhanced temperature control
  • High quality
  • V5 Men’s longs
  • Colour: Camo
  • Size: Small

Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAFRBN728