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Archery Arrows

12pc Set

Perfect for the backyard bowsmith, these dozen fibreglass target arrows from Panda-Z certainly hit the bullseye for encouraging your offspring outside and getting them active.
Able to fly straight and true, these awesome 30-inch fibreglass arrows are just the ticket to use with your current junior archery set. They sport an 8mm diameter and feature a plastic nock and metal tip as well as colourful fletchings. They’re the essential that your keen archer couldn’t do without and make a great gift, so why not get amongst it?
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  • 12 pack of awesome fibreglass arrows
  • 30-inch length, 8mm diameter
  • Plastic nock and metal nock for easy set up and top performance
  • Perfect gift for your aspiring Katniss or hopeful Robin Hood
  • Great way to get your offspring off the couch and outdoors being active
  • Grab some extras for your new Panda-Z archery set
  • Chuck some bales in the backyard and let rip
Suitable Age Group approx 8-14 but fun for the whole family
THIS IS NOT A TOY and Should Be Treated With EXTREME CARE
It Is Not Recommended For Use With Children Unless Under IMMEDIATE SUPERVISION Of An ADULT

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  • Offers end 12PM, Saturday, Jan 20, 2018
  • Product Code: AA2BMN700