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Adjustable Strap

Anti-Snoring Adjustable Strap
Nothing ruins a good snooze like snoring.
Tiredness, waking up your partner, and having a mouth as dry as a desert, are all things you'd be just fine without.
Grab this Anti Snoring Jaw Strap and take a first step towards better sleep. The adjustable strap features earholes for comfort.
Catch 40 winks with a little help from this sweet deal!
  • Comfortable earholes
  • Adjustable strap wraps around head to help keep mouth closed and reduce snoring
  • Can help prevent dry mouth and a sore throat caused by snoring
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Product Dimension (L x W): 64 x 6.5cm
  • Gross weight: 30g

Package Contents:
1 x Adjustable Anti-Snoring Strap
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA4HZN383
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