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Anti-Slip Rug

8pk Reusable Grippers

Anti-Slip Rug 8pk Reusable Grippers
A slippy rug is the real life equivalent to a cartoon banana peel. With these awesome anti-slip carpet grip packs, never again will your life flash before your eyes as you slide across the floor on an unstable rug.  Easy to use, simply remove the plastic and stick it to the edges of your rug.
  • Uses no glue; no sticky/messy residue leftover
  • Can be used on different surfaces: hardwood, tiles, carpet
  • Reusable - if they lose grip, just wash them with soap and water and they will be like new
  • Uses grip polymer technology (grips the rug while hundreds of Suction pockets grip the floor)
  • Simple and easy to use with instructions included
  • Material : Grip Polymer
  • Dimensions of each triangle:
    • Width: 15.5cm
    • Height: 7.5cm
Package includes:
  • 8Pcs x Rug Grippers
  • 8Pcs x Removable Sticky Tapes 
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AACAAN70C
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