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Air Shelter 4


Air Shelter 4 Tent
The Torpedo7 Air Shelter 4 has a ridged fibreglass roof and inflatable frame that can be pitched in minutes with minimal fuss. A great addition to your campsite to huddle with your friends.
The Torpedo7 Air Shelter 4x4 offers fast, convenient shelter for your next outing or day trip. This shelter is big enough to store all your gear , forming home base for the day, without taking over the whole beach/lakefront.
Assembly for this shelter could not be simpler. Two fibreglass poles support the ceiling; the rest of the tent is then pegged out and inflated from a single pump valve. Once the tent is inflated guy ropes enhance the stability. Done. The whole shelter in now ready to go in a matter of minutes!
The Torpedo7 Air Shelter 3x3 comes equipped with 4 clip in side walls (2x solid and 2x mesh) for further protection from the elements and increased privacy, while the handy ground sheet floor can be laid out under the shelter prior to inflation, helping to keep your gear safe and dry.
  • 4x Clip in side walls (2x mesh, 2x solid)
  • Ground sheet floor
  • Inflatable frame – single valve
  • All sides adjustable and interchangeable
  • Fibreglass roof support
  • Pump and repair kit included
  • Weight: 14.7kg (approx.)
  • Fabric: 3000mm water rated Polyester
  • Dimensions: 400cm x 400cm x 220m (h)
  • Door height: 170cm
  • Packed dimensions: 80cm x 35cm x 35cm
Please note -  inflatable air shelters are super quick and convenient  to assemble but due to the large footprint and generous roof height are not suited to winds above 15 knots. For greater stability in moderate winds then we recommend the rigid fibreglass/steel pole shelters like the Torpedo7 Corral or Corral Deluxe shelters 

The warranty for Torpedo7 tents does not cover wind damage. This is standard practice for all tents sold within New Zealand and Australia. To prevent wind damage we recommend tents are disassembled in advance of poor weather 
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: FT7DBN7S4