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Drill Bit Set

300pc Drill Bit Set
This 300 piece Professional Series Drill Bit Set is just the ticket for a variety of different tasks and jobs around the house.
Drill bits for every purpose be it wood, metal or masonry and plenty of other odds and sods, this sensational set is a must-have for all you DIY demons out there! The kit comes complete with a whole host of bits ranging in size from 1.0mm to 10.0mm so no job will escape your fix-it wrath, plus you'll also receive a handy carry case allowing you to look all important and what not!
Grab yourself a 300 pieces of epic... just click "Yes, Buy Now!"
  • Ideal for home renovations and domestic DIY
  • Suitable for both wood and steel, masonry and much more
  • Includes screwdriver bits, hole borers and much more!
  • Long lasting and dependable 
  • Great gift or self-purchase
  • Bits come complete in an awesome 2-drawer chest with handy handle
  • Dimensions (cm): 40W x 30D x 22H
  • Weight: 8.4kg
Kit contains:
Twist Drill Bit – 50 pieces
Masonry Drill Bit – 21 pieces
Twist Drill Bit – 66 pieces
Large Masonry Drill Bit – 3 pieces
Wood Working Drill Bit – 33 pieces
Wood Spade Bit – 5 pieces
Large Wood Spade Bit – 4 pieces
Hole Saws & Centre Arbor – 5 pieces
25mm Screwdriver Bit – 55 pieces
50mm Screwdriver Bit – 33 pieces
Magnetic Bit Holder – 1 piece
Nut Driver – 10 pieces
Drill Stoppers – 4 pieces
Hex Key Wrench – 1 piece
Drill Gauge – 1 piece
Centre Punch – 1 piece
Cupped Nail Sets – 3 pieces
Countersink – 1 piece
Screw Finder – 3 pieces
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA1DEN312
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