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For: 11.99

2pk Hot/Cold

Gel Pack

2pk Hot/Cold Gel Pack
  • 2 pack combo
  • These reusable ice packs may be used as cooling cold packs or soothing heat pads.
  • Cold therapy or cryotherapy is a highly effective method for treating acute sports injuries or post op
  • Can be used to apply heat therapy or thermotherapy for pain relief.
  • Heated gel ice packs can also be beneficial to those with arthritis and stiff muscles as well as for deep tissue injuries.
  • The cold ice packs will constrict blood vessels, which reduces swelling and the blood flow around the injury
  • Ice packs will help to numb the pain and prevent muscle spasms

  • Material: High polymeric compound phase change thermal storage material
  • Product dimensions (LWH):  23 x 13 cm
  • Package dimensions (LWH):  23 x 13 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 400g
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAMFDN334