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For: 29.99

101pc Dog Treats

for Large Dogs

101pc Dog Treats for Large Dogs
Treat your pooch to some dapper doggy delights with these awesome canine snacks from 1-day.
These doggy treats may sound pretty rank to us humans – rawhide knot bones, porkhide ears – but dogs can’t get enough of them! So what better way to reward old Rover after a taxing and exhausting day of chasing their own tail, chewing up your shoes or digging up your flower beds?
You'll receive 101 assorted mutty morsels. Enough treats for even the most saintly Schnauzer or angelic Alsatian. But best of all, these savouries are 100% natural, ka pai food for man’s best friend without being tainted by man-made additives!
Score yourself a fang-tastic assortment of treats for a price that’s sure to chi-wow-ya.
  • 101 big delicious dog treats for larger dogs
  • Pack contains: munchy sticks, munchy knot bones, munchy stripes, rawhide knot bones, porkhide ears, rawhide pressed bone 
  • 100% natural ingredients: rawhide, porkhide, rice powder, flavouring
  • Best before: 10/2018
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA3CDN2DP
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